Monday 2/7: Drive to Washington DC (Silver Spring)

Left Belmont by about 9 am.

With only one major traffic snafu made it to Harvey and Betsy’s house in Silver Spring before 6pm. Wonderful dinner and much chewing the the fat (some lamb and other conversational).

451 miles.

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  1. Jane Kogan says:

    Dear Mark and Karen: Just getting to read your blogs today. I seem to have just missed you in Wash.D.C. area where I was for c. 4 days, but think I left the day you arrived. I drove down through Va. and was thrilled to see green! after only snow even in D.C. Then a swell time downtown in the artsy area of Charleston, S.C. whivch I happened on. Many churches, art galleries (with usually expensive but ucky stuff, and now have been in Gulfport, Fl. (part of St. Pete on the W. coast) for a week and finally the best weather, clear and in the 70s, has come the last few days. Staying with a generous friend who’s putting up with me while she puts me up. More later, Much love, Jane Oh, I loved your 2/5 photo of Gehry Stata bldg. at MIT. When you have a chance, could you send it to me at my home e-mail address? I tried to send it from here, but am on someone else’s computer and can’t get it to go. Thanks.

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