2/3/13 Sunday – Drive from LA to Palo Alto via Central Valley

imageAfter traversing north across LA on interstate 5, we continued on through the Tehachapi Mountains. The Tejon Pass at 4100 ft is the high point with a sharp descent down into the the San Joaquin Valley (the southern portion of the Central Valley that extends 400 miles to the north at Sacramento). 

Route 5 runs fairly much straight as an arrow towards San Francisco some 350 miles north.  It lies quite close to the western edge of the valley so one is always aware of the Coastal Mointain Range on your left. It is a very long run of imageagribusiness and empty land punctuated by regular signs of the water wars. Of course one can’t help but note the ironies of a business tha would not exist except for the enormous investments by state and Federal governments in water projects to convert what would otherwise be a sea of waving tumble weeds into fields of plants.image

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