Sunday 12/14/14 Fremantle and Rottnest Island

Breakfast in Fremantle at Fremantle Bake House. Food is quite expensive all around.  As in the states the era of Wonder Bread is over, the breakfast was really good.

Off to Rottnest Island, a nature preserve, tourist trap 20 minutes by fast boat from Fremantle out in the Indian Ocean. Lots of walking about to various beaches, stretches very window, plagued by OZ flies, smaller than our house flies, but fearless. Brought on head nets for Karen and Mark.

Jesse and Anna put lots of miles on the scooters.

Stopped at three beaches. Not much swimming though because the air temperature was in the low 70s, windy and the water temperature was not tropical. Still fun and very scenic. Caught ferry back to Fremantle in time to walk to the Fremantle Market.

Distance sign pole. They look at Hong Kong 6,031 KM away (3,739 miles); we look at New York City 18,893 KM away (11,714 miles) – almost exactly half way around the world.

Dinner at a brew pub, all roads in Jonathan’s universe lead to brewskies.


Container ship arriving as we wait for ferry to Rottnest Island. Fremantle is a very active working harbor.


Basin Beach – the most crowded beach we visited.


Anna trying on her gear.


Jesse and Anna disappear down this long downhill.


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