OLD* Dodge Van (ODV) is shorthand for a belief we hold dear.  Invoking ODV means that if nothing else is working, there is always that other path.  “We can always get an old Dodge van and take to the road.”  That act alone will make the difference.

Two years ago we stood at one of those intersections; ODV became more than a belief, we were confronted with it as a reality and… dear reader…. we blinked.  While we were ready for really big change, the idea of ODV as a permanent life style began to look a bit less appealing.

We made a different choice (Plan C?), and after more than 35 years in Cambridge MA, we moved to Hudson NY. To our amazement, we opened a gallery.  (You can follow our other exploits at Karen‘s website, Mark’s website, Mark’s business website and our Davis Orton Gallery and DavisOrtonEditions.com websites.) At the same time we vowed that we would try out ODV in pieces…(a contradiction?) to see what life on the road might feel like.

February 2011 is our first foray.  The ODV is actually a 2002 Toyota Corolla with 170,000 miles on it. (One wag exclaimed: “You’re taking the ‘beater?'”) We’ll be packing camping gear, but the weather will determine how much we use it. We’re starting in the Boston area with meet ups, brunch and the Superbowl game; then heading to DC then Jacksonville FL then west to California.  We don’t have a lot of time but we’re planning to explore – then take it easy –  then rush our way back and forth across the continent.

You can either follow our progress on these pages, or not follow it and just have this nagging feeling that there’s something you’re supposed to be checking on.

*OLD has two meanings: old as in our dream van is an OLD ’72 Dodge and O.L.D. as in Orton, London, Davis… the names in our come-together family: Mark Orton, Andrea London, Jonathan London, Karen Davis.

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  1. Jane Kogan says:

    Dear Folks I am currently N.J. across from Philly, in friend’s house as we await the rain sleet snow expected today and tomorrow. I am supposed to be driving to Wash.D.C. on Thurs. and hope it will have rained enough to get rid of ice by then. I have driven across and around the country a number of times, and will follow your progress with interest. You are certainly planning a long trip (mileage-wise) in a short time! So MUCH to see! I’ve always found driving through the midwest a treat, the little towns and diners. Stop where the trucks stop, you’ll get the best meals and a warm reception from the help. Some areas have roads parallel to major interstate highways, and these straight as an arrow, narrow roads that go by farms and houses are well worth taking. You can make good time on them as well, as there’s almost no traffic.
    Sorry I’m missing the brunch. I certainly haven’t gotten to a warmer clime yet! Be in touch, maybe we can meet up in Florida, as I’m heading for St.Pete area. Bon Voyage! xxx Jane

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