Some Things We Missed

Incomplete. Target date for completion 3/9/11.

Billgrimage in Arkansas

Yes, there is in fact an official Billgrimage in Arkansas. It is a special “passport” that you can get stamped at each of the four stations of the Billgrimage as you pay homage to Bill Clinton. More here about this wonder. Look for “Billgrimage” in the left side menu.


Birthplace of singer Al WilsonMeridian AL

Morgan City – LAThe International Petroleum Museum and Exposition “The Only Place in the World Where the General Public can Walk Aboard an Authentic Offshore Drilling Rig!”

Oklahoma City Cattle Auction – the busiest cattle auction in the US.

Birthplace of Woody Guthrie – Okemah OK

Limestone TN – birthplace of Davy Crockett

Andrew Johnson National Park – Greeneville TN

Menil Collection – Houston TX

A great meal in New Orleans – we ate but somehow never got to a great Creole place.

Exotic Game Hunting in TX – as we drove north along State 285 from Sanderson through Ft. Stockton and Pecos on to Carlsbad NM, we first noticed very high fencing that ran for miles along the highway, probably eight feet high. Way to high to merely keep the cattle and sheep of the road. The we noticed signs at the entrances to these ranchs that included words like “exotic big game hunting”. On further investigation on the Web it seems that we were driving by a major industry in the area otherwise inhabited by scruffy semi-arid land with more cactuses than anythings else. Google “exotic game hunting TX” and you will see that this is a state-wide phenomenon. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt should have come to Texas instead of Africa to show off his manliness.