OLD Family Timeline 2015 thru 2024

Dec ‘14

Travel – Australia – December 2014 – January 2015

Apr ‘15

Bison on rampage near Albany NY

Bison on rampage near Albany NY

15 bison broke out of a farm in Schodack NY. After swimming across the Hudson..>>> Read More >>>

Aug ‘15

Travel & Road Trip – Northern California and Sapoznick wedding

Apr ‘16

Hudson Area Library moves into Armory

Hudson Area Library moves into Armory

April 9, 2016 After almost five years of work the library opened the new facility..>>> Read More >>>

Apr ‘16

Tennis – Mark joins men’s doubles league

Now playing year round and practicing during warmer months three to four times a week.

Jun ‘16

Travel – Netherlands & new home for Jonathan, Nan, and grandkids

Jul ‘16

Mark GM of UThisMe, LLC

Sep ‘16

Mark resigns from UThisMe; they retain him as consultant

Oct ‘16

Road Trip – Midwest

Pittsburgh, Columbus IN, St. Louis, Cahokia, Chicago, Ann Arbor (Maggie Orton), Dearborn, Cleveland, Niagara Falls

Oct ‘16

Road Trip – Pittsburgh, Columbus IN, Indian Mounds, St. Louis, Cahokia, Chicago…..

Nov ‘16

Mark works on remote patient monitoring project with UTM at Columbia Memorial Hospital

Jan ‘17

Trump President

Feb ‘17

Road Trip – Florida by car

Mar ‘17

Travel – Netherlands and Barcelona

Jun ‘17

Noah Gilstrap graduates from Trinity School

Jul ‘17

Mark works on UTM project at Albany Medical Center

Jul ‘17

Anne Bertrand-Dewsnap – US citizen

Anne Bertrand-Dewsnap – US citizen

July 25, 2017 We drove to Albany to the US Court House for a citizenship..>>> Read More >>>

Aug ‘17

114 Warren St. – ageing in place project

We retain and architect and general contractor. Build new room on back of house to..>>> Read More >>>

Aug ‘17

Mark downsizes Riverside Business Coaching

Mark downsizes Riverside Business Coaching

Mark fired all but two clients. Decided that he would rather not spend time on..>>> Read More >>>

Sep ‘17

Noah Gilstrap starts college at U Penn

Oct ‘17

Travel – Netherlands – Belgium – Germany

Oct ‘17

114 Warren St. – shoring up the front of the house

12 or more concrete piers replace crumbling brick to hold up first floor structure.

Jan ‘18

114 Warren St. – demolition and framing of new “sun room”.

Feb ‘18

Travel – Road Trip – Florida, New Orleans, Gulf Goast

Mar ‘18

114 Warren St. – kitchen remodel complete

114 Warren St. – kitchen remodel complete

The architect for the new sun room made some suggestions for rearranging the kitchen. Though..>>> Read More >>>