Original 25th Anniversary Timeline

The original timeline was produced using spreadsheet software. It was color-coded and looked like this:

Here it is less all of the color coding which would have required a lot of extra coding to re-create,

25th Anniversary Timeline

timeline updated: 06/28/03
Nixon resigns Oct-73
Aug-74 KCD places personal ad in Real Paper. MMO replies.
Sep-74 KCD & MMO meet at Central Sq. T stop; go
on first date; see Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage.
Anti school busing riots in Boston Oct-74 KCD & MMO have one-beer dates on Fridays
Microsoft Corp founded Jun-75
US abandons South Vietnam – war over Jun-75
Sep-75 KCD & MMO start at Wentworth Institute
Sep-75 MMO work – takes tickets at Brattle Theatre
working for Harvey Meyerson. KCD serves fish at restaurant near Porter
Saturday Night Live
1st broadcast
May-76 MMO moves in with KCD and children at 249 Western
Jun-76 MMO work – Stevens-Arnold South Boston – machinist
Dec-76 Torrey & Jane Orton visit during heavy
snow storm. Fire rages on River St. Jane defeats everyone in air hockey.
Jun-77 KCD work – Arthur D. Little – machinist
Jun-77 MMO & KCD graduate from Wentworth
Jun-77 Wedding June 19, 1977 at Cambridge Community
Jul-77 MMO work – Minuteman Labs – mechanical designer,
Acton, MA
Movies: Star Wars, Saturday Night
Fever, Annie Hall
Dec-77 Renovations to 266 Western Ave – begin sweat
The Great Blizzard Feb-78 Buy 266 Western from RCCC – continue renovations
– The Great Blizzard
Aug-78 Move into 266 Western
Sep-78 KCD work – Cambridge Rindge & Latin High
School – Voc Ed, Title 1,Math, Newspaper
Red Sox loose World Series despite
Fisk homer in 6th game
Oct-78 1st Head of the Charles Regatta Party – series
runs unbroken until 1995
Three Mile Island nuclear plant “accident” May-79
Jul-79 Cheryl Davis moves to California,
drives cross country- solo. Arrives on 4th of July.
Aug-79 Buy 52 Kinnaird: Move in to first
floor – kids declare, “We’ve moved to the suburbs!”
Sep-79 52 Kinnaird: construction on 2nd
floor begins
Sep-79 First family computer – Radio Shack TRS80 “Trash
80” -$2,000 -every computer wsince costs the same.
Sep-79 MMO work – MIT Biomechanics Lab Building 3
– staff engineer
Larry Bird starts playing for Celtics Oct-79
Pink Floyd releases The
May-80 52 Kinnaird: construction ends on 2nd floor
– family occupies 2nd floor
Mt. St. Helens erupts May-80
Sep-80 KCD work – Chelsea High printing teacher
Sep-80 MMO work – C&K Design Engineer
Reagan starts first term as President Jan-81
IBM introduces “PC” May-81
Jun-81 KCD work – ECRM – Application Specialist, Bedford,
Sep-81 AJL starts high school
May-82 52 Kinnaird: construction – 1st floor bathroom,
laundry room, closets in bedrooms.
Jun-82 Ida and Louis Davis spend 1st summer at 42
Kinnaird St
Jun-82 MMO, KCD, & JDL Green Tortoise bus from
Boston to LA. AJL meets us there
AIDS epidemic identified Jun-82
Jul-82 KCD 40th birthday
Sep-82 KCD work – Quadex – Training Specialist, Cambridge
Internet protocols TCP/IP established Oct-82
Reagan announce Star Wars defense
Sep-83 JDL starts at Cambridge Rindge & Latin
High School
Sep-83 MMO & KCD cross Canada on RR
Sep-83 MMO starts at Augat – 8 positions over 9 years
in 3 locations
Apple Computer introduces Macintosh
with Superbowl Ad
Jun-84 KCD at Womens Technical Institute – Director
of Curriculum
Jul-84 KCD & MMO give up plywood on concrete block
bed for new futon bed, gift of Karen’s parents – hippy days are over;
middle age is at hand!!
Ozone hole discovered over Antarctica Oct-84
Nov-84 2nd computer – Mac Plus – $2,000
Nov-84 KCD & children Virgin Islands
Dec-84 Louis Davis dies
Iran Contra Gate Jan-85
Jun-85 AJL graduates from high school
Aug-85 KCD work – Karen at Kodak Electronic Printing
Systems (Eikonix)
Sep-85 AJL starts at Bowdoin College, 3rd generation
of Londons; even Mark’s mother is pleased (her brothers went there)
1st Internet virus attacks 6,000
Mar-86 KCD & MMO in Puerto Rico
Apr-86 MMO – Milan for work and Paris with Harvey
May-86 52 Kinnaird St: 3rd floor construction begins,
5 skylights added, master bath with 6 ft tub, new roofing
Nuclear plant at Chernobyl in USSR
blows up
May-86 Karen to Rome, Paris, Dueseldorf (for Kodak)
nuclear fallout fears in Europe
Mar-87 KCD & MMO in Jamaica – explore relaxation
as a vacation style
Jun-87 52 Kinnaird: construction – 2nd floor porch
with wood stove and deck.
Jun-87 JDL graduates from high school
Aug-87 MMO – Taiwan (work) & Australia (Torrey
& Jane)
Sep-87 JDL starts at Hofstra University
Sep-87 MMO 40th birthday
Stock market crashes Oct-87
Feb-88 KCD & MMO Big Bend National Park Texas
– discover “snow birds”
Mike Dukakis rides in Army tank Apr-88
Jun-88 KCD & MMO Southwest w/ AJL & JDL. Great
adventure on Burr Trail
Jul-88 52 Kinnaird St: 3rd floor construction complete
– KCD & MMO move into “master suite”
Tianamen Square massacre in China Jun-89
Sep-89 JDL begins Peace Studies around the world year
Earthquake in San Francisco, Oct-89 Carol Orton rides out earthquake in office
tower in SF. Cheryl Davis unhurt in earthquake. Apartment trashed.
President Bush announces “No
More Broccoli!”
Dec-89 KCD travels to India for 3 weeks (spends 3
days with JDL in New Delhi & Agra)
Hubble Telescope launched into space May-90
Jun-90 Ed O and Meredith Morgan marry. KCD and MMO
are stunned by double ring ceremony.
Jun-90 KCD & MMO in Washington, DC, Virginia &
West VA
Lech Walesa elected President of
Aug-90 Ida Davis marries Joe Caminsky. Moves to 36
Kinnaird St.
Sep-90 JDL at Brandeis University. Proves he can hit
the academic curve ball.
Sep-90 Patrice Simms arrives at 52 Kinnaird for sojourn
at Northeastern University.
August Wilson wins Pulitzer Prize
for The Piano Lesson
Berlin Wall torn down Nov-90
Mar-91 MMO & KCD in Mexico
Nelson Mandela freed from prison Jun-91 AJL moves to NYC to continue work with NewsEdge.
Jun-91 JDL graduates from Hofstra University
Jun-91 KCD & MMO exchange wedding rings for second
time. Gold replaces copper. Inspired by Ed & Meredith’s double
ring ceremony
Sep-91 KCD hikes hut to hut in White Mountains
Sep-91 KCD work – KCD to Industrial Services Program
Riots in Los Angeles after Rodney
King verdict
Jun-92 KCD & MMO Glacier National Park w/ Ed &
Larry Birds retires from Celtics Jun-92
FBI burns Branch Davidians in Waco,
Jul-92 Surprise 50th Birthday for KCD at Cambridge
Community Center
Aug-92 MMO work – Augat fires Mark
Sep-92 JDL starts graduate school at UW
Sep-92 KCD breaks foot on hike in Princeton, MA. MMO
says, “Its nothing” and they hobble a mile to the car.
Oct-92 3rd computer – Mac Centris 610 – $2,000
Oct-92 KCD & AJL to Southwest and Albuquerque
Balloon Festival
Oct-92 KCD & MMO Midwest loop Chicago, Hyde Park,
Galena, Madison, WI (see JDL at UW), LaCrosse, Frank Lloyd Wright
Pope Paul admits error in Galileo
affair in 1630’s
President Clinton begins disappointing
terms in office
May-93 Patrice Simms graduates from Northeastern Summa
Cum Laude
Jun-93 52 Kinnaird: build darkroom in 1st floor closet
Jun-93 MMO & KCD do Boston By Foot Tours
Sep-93 MMO Doc Linskey 5 mile race
Oct-93 Southwest
Nov-93 MMO Boston Police Chase – 5 miles; finishes
in personal best 56 minutes.
Mar-94 MMO work – Manufacturing Extension Partnership
start up in Lowell, MA
Nelson Mandela elected President
of South Africa
Jun-94 MMO & KCD Cascade Mtns, Mt St Helens, Mt
Rainier, Seattle
Sep-94 KCD work – Karen starts photography & writing
full time
Sep-94 MMO & KCD Doc Linskey 5 mile race
OJ Simpson takes freeway ride Oct-94
Pizza Hut begins to sell pizza on
the Internet
Feb-95 MMO work – New England Suppliers Institute.
Starts working with Sherry Gordon with whom later starts Valuedge,
Mar-95 MMO and KCD to Paris
May-95 52 Kinnaird: rock garden construction begins
and continues sporadically to present
Jun-95 Two new bikes for KCD & MMO gift from children
Oct-95 Head of the Charles Regatta Party goes on extended
Toy Story released
to movie theatres. First fully computer-animated movie
Apr-96 MMO & KCD Florida East to West Coast, Everglades
and visit Ida & Joe in West Palm Beach
Jun-96 52 Kinnaird: Begin construction of 1st floor
apartment. Move darkroom to second floor
Jun-96 Cheryl Davis pulls through critical illness
Sep-96 52 Kinnaird: End construction of 1st floor
apartment. Kristen Graves becomes first and only tenant.
Taliban takeover Afghanistan Sep-96
Apr-97 52 Kinnaird: Begin rebuild of 2nd floor kitchen,
add wall to create separate studio space for KCD, complete finish
work on stairway to 3rd floor
Jul-97 52 Kinnaird: end 2nd floor construction
Aug-97 Family Reunion at Nantasket Beach
Sep-97 MMO 50th birthday
Starbucks Coffee opens in Central
Square – Western civilization slumps in despair
Jan-98 KCD work – 1st show at Gallery 57 Cambridge,
Feb-98 KCD work – F8 Photography Group has first show
in Concord, MA
Mar-98 4th computer – Mac PowerPC 233 – $2,000
Aug-98 Nantasket Beach House
Sep-98 JDL in Vietnam and Australia over three years
with stops at 52 Kinnaird
President Clinton impeached Sep-98
Oct-98 MMO & KCD to King Biscuit Blues Festival-
Helena Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Memphis, TN
Nov-98 Ida Davis dies
Jan-99 KCD work – show at University Place
Mar-99 KCD work – Boat Building at Boston Public Library
Mar-99 MMO work – NESI, Inc. spins off
May-99 Noah Davis G. born. Herd of newbie Grandparents
(G.s, Londons, KCD & MMO) wait it out.
Jun-99 KCD work – For Patrons Only at Mass Museum of Contemporary Art – continuing show
Aug-99 Nantasket Beach House
“dotCom” speculation begins Sep-99
Oct-99 Nancy Orton dies
Dec-99 KCD & MMO publish Pretensions – art world agog
Dec-99 KCD goes to Vietnam tours country with JDL.
Stops in Shanghai, visits Danielle Sun
Apr-00 KCD goes to Jackson MS with Linda Larson
Apr-00 MMO work – Valuedge, Inc. incorporated
Jun-00 AJL & family move to London
“dotCom” speculation fizzles Aug-00 AJL and John G. marry
Aug-00 Nantasket Beach House
Dec-00 MMO AIDS 5 mi. Race. Beaten by 80yr old woman
Mar-01 KCD work – “New England Photographers
’01” at Danforth Museum, Framingham MA
1st $million condo sold on Kinnaird
May-01 KCD to Jackson MS
Jun-01 5th Computer – Mac iBook with wireless connection
to Internet – $2,000
Jun-01 MMO starts Lyme disease plague year – spends
a month in bed with Nurse Karen propping him up.
Aug-01 Nantasket Beach House
9/11 Terrorist Attack Sep-01 JDL returns to UW in Madison
Sep-01 KCD work – Child’s Play with Mary Lang at Newton Free Library
Patriots win SuperBowl Feb-02 AJL and family return to NYC
Jun-02 KCD work – Lines, Arc and
Other City Pictures
at MIT Dean’s Gallery
Jun-02 KCD to Jackson MS
Jun-02 MMO & KCD 25th wedding anniversary
Jul-02 KCD – 60th Birthday
Jul-02 Nantasket Beach House
Oct-02 Anniversary Party at Cambridge Community Center
where it all started
Nov-02 Andrea gives birth to second grand child, Nyla
Olivia G. – November 9, 2002 in New York City
May-03 Jonathan gets PhD May 16, 2003. Big family
event with many in attendance.