OLD Family Timeline 1995 thru 2004

Feb ‘95

Mark joins New England Suppliers Institute

Mark joins New England Suppliers Institute

Starts working with Sherry Gordon with whom later starts Valuedge, Inc. NESI was funded primarily..>>> Read More >>>

Mar ‘95

Mark and Karen go to Paris

Cheap affair inspires week in Paris. Hotel Mondial again.

Mar ‘95

Travel – Paris

Lured by absurdly low introductory airfares, Mark and Karen visit Paris for a short week.

May ‘95

Rock garden construction at 52 Kinnaird

Work begins on eliminating all grass from our little backyard. Stones sourced from construction sites..>>> Read More >>>

May ‘95

52 Kinnaird – rock garden

Rock garden construction begins.  Mark works on this sporadically until every square inch of grass is..>>> Read More >>>

Jun ‘95

New Bicycles

Two new bikes for KCD & MMO gift from children.

Oct ‘95

Head of the Charles Regatta Party – goes on extended sabbatical

Head of the Charles Regatta Party – goes on extended sabbatical

After many years this tradition was feeling a bit worn out.Some people showed up at..>>> Read More >>>

Nov ‘95

Toy Story movie released

Toy Story movie released

 First fully computer-animated movie.

Apr ‘96

Travel – Florida, east, West & Everglades

MMO & KCD Florida East to West Coast, Everglades and visit Ida & Joe in..>>> Read More >>>

Jun ‘96

52 Kinnaird – 1st floor apartment

Begin construction of 1st floor apartment. New sliding window to back yard, kitchen, bathroom, new floors,..>>> Read More >>>

Jun ‘96
Sep ‘96

52 Kinnaird: end 1st floor construction

Kristen Graves becomes first tenant.

Sep ‘96
Apr ‘97

52 Kinnaird – 2nd floor construction

Begin rebuild of 2nd floor kitchen, add wall to create separate studio space in front room..>>> Read More >>>

Jul ‘97
Aug ‘97

Family Reunion

A week at W St. on Nantasket Beach. All Ortons show up, even Torrey and..>>> Read More >>>

Sep ‘97
Nov ‘97

Starbucks Coffee opens in Central Sq. Cambridge

Western liberal civilization slumps into dispair

Jan ‘98

Karen – first photography exhibit

KCD work – 1st show at Gallery 57 Cambridge, MA

Feb ‘98

Karen – F8 show

KCD work – F8 Photography Group has first show in Concord, MA

Mar ‘98

4th computer

4th computer – Mac PowerPC 233 – $2,000

Aug ‘98
Sep ‘98
Sep ‘98

Jonathan in Vietnam and Australia

JDL in Vietnam and Australia over three years with stops at 52 Kinnaird

Oct ‘98

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